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Imagine classics is a personal classic car collection located in Newport Beach CA. Contact the owner for further details

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This 1965 Aston Martin DB5 has recently undergone a full nut and bolt restoration at Kevin Kay Restorations in Redding California. It took approximately 3 years to complete and is essentially brand new. This car is perfect!

1933 MG J2/4

I fell in love with this J2/4 at the NEC Classic car show in Birmingham UK in 2015. I purchased it from a well known MG dealer Barry Walker and shipped it to Southern California in 2016. It is an original 1933 J2 that has been upgraded to J4 specifications with 900cc Split track rod Bishop Cam steering, Duplex friction shock absorbers, Heavy section steering arms, 4-star differential and 12" brakes bringing the chassis up to J4 accuracy. Like wise the engine has been rebuilt with a counter balanced phoenix crankshaft, matching rods, Cosworth Pistons and all new cyl. head components, Front J4 housing as standard with improved oil pump gears, water pump and exterior oil filter conversion. Sump is fitted with SU float for oil level correction fed from correct bulk head auxilliary tank.

There were just 9 J4 race cars made.








1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale. SN. AR613841 White with Dark grey Interior. Originally finished in white and completed on 15th September 1965 it was sold to Mr Rino Picciotti on 28th October 1965. It was then sold on to a South American diplomat who shipped the car to Brazil. The car was raced locally and winning a local championship. In the late 70's and 80's the car was purchased by a Mr Jones in San Francisco who used it as a street car. Bud Bronstein then contracted Nino Epifani to convert it back into a race car. Its next owner Stephen E Block raced the car in vintage events and then in 1994 Fredrico Della Noce (Ruben Barichello's business manager) purchased the car and raced it at historic motorsport events.



Double Bubble

I purchased this car in 2015 from Holland from a well known Abarth dealer Joop Stolze and shipped it to SoCal. It is an early 1957 car registered in the Abarth registry as such and I believe is Mille Miglia eligable. 

1957 Fiat 850TC Abarth Series 3 Zagato (Corsa)
Original Zagato lightweight seats
Disk front with multipla master cylinder and mulitipla large size rear drums
lowered suspension (non racing)
850 Tourismo Competizione (long stroke) Weber 321 MP carb
Chassis 260452
Engine 448520

Car was purchased in 2004 by Middle Barton Garage from Fausto Galli in Bologne for John Ruston, UK. I am the second owner since then. I imported the car 12 months ago from europe along with a monomille. Middle Barton Garage did all its maintenance and I have receipts for this. 
I drive the car regularly and it drives very strong. It is not concours but very attractive if originality is preferred over perfection.

Attached is a link to some honest pictures. I believe the jack is original.

1964 Fiat Abarth Monomille GT Ducktail

One of only 4 cars in this configuration with the upright headlights and ducktail designed by Carlos Abarth himself, this car  (110.0390) was the 4th and last car to be built. Starting in 1963 Carlo Abarth presented a completely new construction of the  "MONOMILLE" called  "MONOMILLE GT". The roundtail had gone. This marvellous GT with its  "ducktail" was a home made innovation of Carlo Abarth.  What an outline of the team around Ing. Colluci!!!  The "MONOMILLE GT" was offered in three types:

1. As street version with exposed headlights and bumpers

                   2. As street version with headlights under plexi-covers and bumpers, 

                                   3. As lightened racing car with headlights under plexi-covers without bumpers. 


Coachwork completely made out of aluminium on the shortened chassis of the FIAT 600D. The street version had drop windows in front with additional triangular windows, which could be opened. The back windows could be opened too. Dashboard showed a central rev counter - diameter 12 cm - combiistrument on the left and speedometer on the right side with a diamater of 10 cm. Instrument`s layout was identical to that of the 850/1000 TC. The racing version of the "MONOMILLE GT" showed the dashboard of the "1000 Bialbero". The street version was delivered with or without bumpers. The four Girling brakes,  4 - speed gearbox and motor technique kept the same. Only the radiator went to the front and was combined with a shortened water pump. Engine blocks now always were out of AH- production.

My Collection

I hope you enjoyed looking through my collection and if you have any questions or would like to inquire about purchasing any of these listed vehicles I will entertain any fair offers or exchanges.

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